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Saturday, October 11, 2014

On The 'Ball' at Gold Coast-- Authorized Ball Watch Dealer

We've all used and have heard the expression, "Get on the ball!" But how many of us have ever stopped to ask ourselves where that phrase originated?

The story behind the phrase is one we here at Gold Coast Jewelry love to tell.

Back in 1891 there was a terrible head on collision train wreck in Ohio.  A passenger train collided with a fast moving mail train.

An inaccurate timepiece that was off by four minutes, was determined to be a major reason for the crash.

Because America's Railroad system was booming after the Civil War, the leaders at the time began to understand that an absolute industry standard needed to be put in place in regards to time, so to prevent collisions from this from happening like this again in the future.

The disaster prompted officials to enlist the infamous Mr. Webb C. Ball to investigate Time and Watch conditions through the Lake Shore Railroad Line and develop an inspection system for their desired implementation for a time standard all Conductors could rely on and follow.

Ball set about immediately and put in place fortnightly checks on the watches worn by all railroad workers.  The checks were approved and carried out by only approved watchmakers.  Ball set strict time standards, and forbid any variations more than 30 seconds among the watches.

By the end of 1883, the railroad industry had agreed to divide the nation into four time zones, and had adopted Standard Time.  The public soon followed suit.  Congress did not officially sanction the concept until 1918.

We here at Gold Coast Jewelry are extremely proud to offer this Swiss Watch Line to our customers.

We recognize, commend, and are personally proud of the accomplishments of Webb C. Ball.

We honor the man for the system he created, which was the first one to be accepted on a broad scale.  It was HIS system that set the standard for the railroads; it was HIS system that helped establish accuracy and uniformity in timekeeping.

It is fun to note that very often in movies we watch today that include scenes with railroads in them, that characters are portrayed asking train conductors, "What time is it mister?"

This is no accident. And although no history is ever offered for why railroad conductors are asked the time in movies set in the 1800's, Webb C. Ball and the standard his watch company created, is certainly the backstory and the reason why.

Gold Coast Jewelry--A Proud Authorized Ball Watch Dealer


Monday, August 11, 2014

Engagement Rings Dreams Come True at Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn-Long Island's Upscale Pawn Shop

One of the highlights of being an upscale pawnshop owner is getting the priceless opportunity to work with young couples who are in the process of getting married.

It is quite a thrill when a young man first walks into our shop and begins skimming over our retail showcases for that special engagement ring.

Because we are an upscale pawnshop we have engagement rings to fit literally any budget. 
 From our six carat pear shape diamonds to our one carat diamonds, we have just the right diamond for that special couple and can design a ring on any budget.

It is such a joy when we first notice the look of relief wash over a new grooms face when he believes he has found just the right diamond or ring for his new bride.

Because we here at Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn have such an appreciation for engagement rings and what they symbolize, it is always a wonderful experience to be made part of such an incredible time in a young couples life.

A Little History About Engagement Rings

The first recorded diamond engagement ring was exchanged in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian presented the token to his betrothed Mary of Burgundy.

It is believed that the ancient Romans began the practice of placing the engagement ring on the left ring finger, which they believed contained the "vena amoris" or vein of love which supposedly connected directly to the heart. 
Other ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, also used such symbolism, and even today the tradition persists both with engagement rings and wedding bands. In fact, wedding bands are placed first on the left ring finger to be closest to the heart.

The Circle  

Engagement rings are ultimately circles of metal, and the circle is a part of very sacred, symbolic geometry.
Circles have no beginning and no end and thus represent eternity, renewal, wholeness, and perfection. 
They are also symbolic of the sun, moon, and planets, bringing together all life just as an engagement ring brings together the lives of two people.

Some Proposal Ideas For All You New Grooms To Be


Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Best Pawn Shop On Long Islands Gold Coast Gets You Cash Fast and Courteously

Sure you could sell your gold, silver, diamonds and other fine valuables to someone sitting behind a sheet of bulletproof glass, or you could come to 
Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn 
and be met with a smile, warm decor, 
and by professionals that believe in raising the standards of Collateral Lending Institutes.


Our customers absolutely know we care about their business--because their business is our business.

Its not just about lending a customer some much needed cash--its about creating customer to client relationships that are built on integrity, honor, and trust.

Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn--The Up Scale Pawn Shop on Long Island's Gold Coast

Monday, July 28, 2014

High End Pawn--Upscale Pawn Shop Comes To Dix Hills Long Island--Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn

Many people these days face unexpected financial constraints.

  We at Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn 
are committed to servicing clients in need, regardless of the amount of the loan required.

Got a Bentley? Need cash fast?

No Problem.

Got a Rolex, Panarei, Chopard or other fine watch?  

Need cash fast? No Problem.

If you've got assets you need to use as collateral to get a loan fast

Call us Today 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn--Long Island's Up Scale Pawn Shop and Collateral Lender

According to the Wall Street Journal 
as well as  many other highly regarded newspapers, Collateral Lenders are filling a huge void these days.

We here at Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn in Dix Hills, "Long Island's Up Scale Pawn Shop"
 could not agree more.

Time and time again we offer loans to men and women looking to fund their new business ventures as well as pay for their children's College Tuitions and more.

The concept of pawn shops is changing, and we at Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn are committed to making certain that our business is as professional as possible, but in addition we ensure that the image we present to the world is one of integrity, class, and character.

Yes, Upscale Pawn Shops like 
Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn 
located in Dix Hills, Long Island
 is amongst those collateral lenders committed to raising the standards 
as well as the perception of the 
Pawning Industry.

We hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Buying Your First Panerai by The Time Captain

Because we are lovers of timepieces here at 
Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn, 
and because we believe in sharing 
our love of upscale watches to the masses, 
we decided to share a link to an incredible magazine that is full of great information about collectable timepieces.

Enjoy this article below!

We sure did!

Photo Found on Watchpaper


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Best Pawn Shop on Long Island--The Upscale Pawn Shop--Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn

Voted the 'best pawn shop on Long Island' 
'Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn' 
is the place to go if you need cash 

We are not just any pawnshop--we are an upscale pawn shop that caters to smart consumers wishing to turn unwanted items into cash 

From Yachts, to Rolex's to Fender Guitars,
We at Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn
are raising the bar on pawnshop shopping!

Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn
Where the classy, smart people go to turn their unwanted items into cash 

Monday, July 14, 2014

What Do Kim Kardashian, Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt and Sharon Stone All Have In Common? Rolex Baby!!!

                Kim Kardashian Wears Rolex!

Tiger Woods Wears Rolex!

Brad Pitt Wears Rolex!

Sharon Stone Wears Rolex!

    And A Few More Celebs Who Choose Rolex!

Classic Rolex Watches For Sale

Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn

Long Island Pawn Shop--Dix Hills Own--Voted The Best of Long Island

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn is as professional as it gets.

While most so called 'pawn shops' today are nothing more than gold buyers--who meet and greet their customers behind bulletproof glass--we at Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn greet our customers with chandeliers--and of course--smiles!

Sure we are gold buyers--and offer the best competitive prices in town--but we are also committed to your buying satisfaction.  Because we offer fine retail jewelry as well as collateral loans--your experience at Gold Coast is retail shopping at its best.

Move over Vegas--here comes The Gold Coast!


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